Free Jellyfish Knitting Pattern

Dive into the world of cuddly creations with our adorable jellyfish knitting pattern! Use Bernat Velvet Baby Yarn for a luxurious soft cuddly jellyfish.
Free Jellyfish Knitting Pattern
Once finished this knitted jellyfish sits perfectly in your hand and you can run your fingers through its bouncy tentacles. Whether you're an experienced knitter or just dipping your toes into the world of plushy projects, this pattern promises a cute and rewarding experience. So go grab a cup of tea, knitting needles and get ready to craft your very own sea companion!


* Bernat Baby Velvet Blanket
   1 x 300g Ball of Potpourri #86029 (40g used per Jellyfish)
* 3mm Knitting Needles (US3)(UK11)
* 1 pair of Black 10mm Eyes
* Tapestry Needle
* Toy Stuffing
* Stitch Marker
* 8 Pins

Stitch Directory 
k           - Knit 
p          - Purl 
m1       - "Make one" Increase by picking up between the two stitches 
K2tog  - Knit next two stitches together
( )        - Repeat instructions within the brackets, the number of times specified
[ ]        - Number of stitches at the end of the row
SM      - Stitch marker

Pattern Notes 
* Tension Gauge - 26 Sts x 36 Rows = 4 x 4 inches (10 x 10 cm)
* Finished Jellyfish size - 7cm wide by 18cm high. (2.7 x 7 inches)
* Pattern is suitable for an advanced beginner.
* Jellyfish is worked up flat.


Download the Free Printable version of Jellyfish Knitting Pattern

Jellyfish Head (make 1)
Cast on 7sts, leaving a 85cm yarn tail for sewing up the head.
Row 1 and ALL ODD rows - p.
Row 2 - (k1, m1) 6 times, k1. [13] (rs)
Row 4 - (k2, m1) 6 times, k1. [19]
Row 6 - (k3, m1) 6 times, k1. [25]
Row 8 - (k4, m1) 6 times, k1. [31]
Row 10 - (k5, m1) 6 times, k1. [37]
Row 12 - (k6, m1) 6 times, k1. [43]
Rows 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 - k. [43]. Place SM on 20th & 24th sts on Row 14.
Row 24 - (k4, k2tog) 7 times, k1. [36] Mark this row with SM
Complete Row 25.

Jellyfish skirt
* Working in the next 6 sts only. Leave the remaining stitches unworked.
Row 26 - k6. [6] (rs)
Row 28 - k2tog, k2, k2tog. [4]
Cast off Purlwise.**
With right side facing, reattach the yarn on the end stitch of Row 25. Repeat from * to ** 5 more times.
With the cast on yarn tail, weave through the initial 7 cast on stitches and pull to close. Sew down the side seam to the top of Row 26. Secure all ends.

Base of Head (make 1)
Cast on 7sts,
Row 1 and ALL ODD rows
- p.
Row 2 - (k1, m1) 6 times, k1. [13] (rs)
Row 4 - (k1, m1) 12 times, k1. [25]
Row 6 - (k2, m1) 12 times, k1. [37]
Cast off Purlwise leaving a long yarn tail, sew up the side seam to make a circle.
Replace the SMs on Row 14 with the safety eyes. Stuff the Head and pin evenly the ”Base of the Head” to Row 24, then sew into place.

Tentacles (make 8)
Cast on 50 sts
Row 1 - *(k1, p1, k1 in nxt st), k1.** rep from * to ** to the end.
Cast off purlwise.

Once the 8 tentacles are made, mark the sewing on position evenly with the
8 pins and then sew into place. Secure all ends.

Well done, I hope you enjoyed making up your knitted Jellyfish. 

Thank you for your purchase. Please note that all knitting & crochet patterns purchased with Peach.Unicorn Designs are protected by UK copyright law. Reproduction or distribution of this pattern is strictly prohibited unless specially authorised. This includes any form of reproduction on the Internet, posting, scanning, photocopying or emailing. Derivative works created using this pattern are also strictly prohibited by copyright law. purchasers may not resell, redistribute or translate the pattern into another language for reselling. Permission is granted to print patterns for personal use only and also for finished goods to be sold, but with the condition that the pattern is credited back to Peach.Unicorn Designs.


  • I knit little toys for chldren in hospital. I’m a pensioner and looking for free toy knitted patterns if you perhaps have any for me please. I also do alot of charity knitting like beanies 4 babes that I donate. Thank You.

    Ros Scott
  • I think these patterns are very easy to follow.

    Pauline Smith
  • Love these babies toys. Peach unicorn designs are very easy to understand.

    Pauline Smith
  • Just to note it’s been a wonderful work, the only th8ng I would say is the tentacles pearl off straight like friendship bands if you follow the instructions. I found they curl if you follow (k1b, p1f, k1b in same st), k1* repeat from * to **. Cast off purlwise.


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