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Welcome to my world of Knitting and Crochet !! 

My name is Vivienne and I guess my joy and love for knitting started back in 1985 when I was 10, my Mam taught me to knit (which I cannot thank her enough for).  She tells me regularly how I was so excited after learning the knit stitch, that I created a very long brown garter stitch scarf, which I insisted would be a gift for my much loved uncle. Apparently it had a lot of holes in it but I did not care, I loved it and was so proud of my achievement. I continued off and on with my love for knitting for many years, often missing a night out with the girls in favour of a night in with my knitting, learning lots of different techniques along the way. I also loved cross stitching, latch hook rug making and tapestry, but I always returned to my knitting.

In 2013, after just having my second child, we were all invited to my Auntie's 50th Birthday party which was a barn-dance. We were so excited about going and I searched everywhere for a cowboy hat for my 3 week old baby girl and my other 17 months girl. I searched high and low for baby cowboy hats and the only thing I found was a crochet pattern. I had never thought of doing crochet before this moment, thinking it was all grandma's doilies and lace things, but this cowboy hat was gorgeous! I bought the pattern and it made no sense to me. But determined to make these cowboy hats, I ordered my yarn and crochet hooks and I learned to crochet. Pretty difficult and quite unnatural to begin with, after a few practices and a couple of night's sleep, it became second nature. From that moment I was ”hooked” and I wanted to share this wonderful craft with the world.  From that day forward I have not gone through a day without my crochet hook or knitting needles in my hands. 

What I would say to all knitters is give crochet a try, it is a whole new world of wonderfulness. How to videos are here to help you get started.

It is a privilege each day to wake up to my "work" and immerse myself in my world of crochet and knitting. Don't get me started on my yarn stash either! I am like a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to yarn shopping. The huge variety available today provides endless possibilities - I love it!!

I hope you love making up my patterns as much I enjoyed designing them. 

I wish you a very productive stitching day. 

Enjoy your current project. ;o) 

Remember the joy is in the journey!!

Bye for now. 


Peach Unicorn


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