Left Handed Crochet for Puff Stitch Blankets

Left Handed Crochet for Peach Unicorn's Puff Stitch Blanket Patterns

All of my word blanket patterns are written for right handed crochet,


As you are left handed you have two options.


1. You can make up the pattern as written but change the puff stitch to the popcorn stitch (I think the 5Hdc popcorn works the nicest). As the popcorn stitch is worked on the front of the blanket and the puff stitch is worked on the back, this will reverse the direction of the letters.


2.) If you work from the chart and you want to keep the puff stitch. You can follow the chart working from the bottom left corner and work up the chart reading every puff stitch row from left to right.


Hope this information helps and you love your finished blanket.


Warmest regards