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Simple Knitting Blog Posts For Beginner Knitters Mistakes Help Advice Guide Learn How to Knit

Having trouble learning to knit? Me too. 

In fact, I have a headache right now as I had convinced myself that I had been doing the knit stitch completely wrong for the last 5 months! It turns out that I was looking at the wrong information that was presented to me when I searched for it on the internet. So, I had been doing it right all along (phew) but, because I don’t know the ‘knitting lingo’ I got mixed up at what I was looking at and it turns out I hadn’t even searched for the right thing! Needless to say I am finding learning to knit quite frustrating. 

Learn to knit with a beginner knitter

Hi, I’m Kylie and I work part time for Vivienne here at Peach Unicorn Designs. I have been working a lot with Vivienne’s knitting patterns and I got to the point where I was like ‘I want to make one’. So back in February 2023 Vivienne gave me some knitting needles, yarn and her Learn to knit ‘Cast On’ tutorial and here I am. Knitting is confusing for me right now though and if it's confusing for you too then do stick around!

Things that stop me from learning to Knit

I don’t know about you but when I try to search for an answer about learning to knit on google or pinterest because I have made some sort of mistake I am met with some really amazing blogs, articles, photos and you tube videos but I haven’t found one that answers all of my questions without drifting off into other things or they provide so much information that it’s overwhelming. I find I flitter from blog to blog and that is where things start to get a bit jumbled, I get annoyed and I put my needles down and I don’t pick them up again for weeks.

BUT don’t give up

It is so easy to give up when things are confusing and frustrating but please don’t put your needles down just yet. I am determined to learn all the knitting lingo from Vivienne and once I understand it, I am going to share it with you all on this blog in the simplest way possible.

Am I good enough?

The other day I was thinking that I wasn’t good enough to start a knitting blog, I can't even remember how to cast off without re-watching a video on how to do it but then I thought what if other people are out there like me searching for the wrong things, getting confused and making the same mistakes, there might be other people that need things simplifying and need to watch and read how someone learns to knit. I love all of the experienced knitters out there but sometimes it is hard for an experienced knitter to remember what they struggled with when they first started to knit so they skip past things, talk in knitting language or they provide too much information. It's overwhelming. So yes I am good enough and you are too if you fancy giving it a go. 

How this blog works

I am learning to knit using Vivienne’s knitting tutorials. When I make a mistake or need to check my work I take a photo/video or call Vivienne and she explains to me the problem and guides me through correcting it and then I share what I have learnt with you. You are getting an experienced knitter's explanations and opinions (that’s Vivienne) through the eyes of a beginner knitter (that’s me). Every time I learn a new technique, make a mistake or manage to actually knit something I will share it with you here. 

What I have learnt so far

Right now I am able to ‘Cast On’ confidently and I can knit the ‘Knit Stitch (K)’ quite happily however I have trouble with split yarn, random loops that shouldn’t be there, tension, holes and added stitches (that’s just to name a few)! I have ‘Cast Off’ before but I can’t actually remember how to do it because I haven’t done it enough times to store the process in my brain. I am just about to learn the purl stitch, according to Vivienne this will help me to figure out some of my mistakes. One of the important things I have learnt so far is to take everything step-by-step and not to put too much pressure on myself. 

Knitting Goals

My knitting goal is to knit one of Vivienne’s blanket patterns by Christmas 2023. I have no idea if I will be able to do it but I am going to try! If you need help learning how to knit or would like a knitting friend, follow along with this blog, find me on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and we can do it together! 

Let me know in the comments below where you are in your knitting journey and what your current knitting goal is. I would love to hear from you. 

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