2 x Lace Baby Blanket KNITTING PATTERNS - Budding Flowers & Plaited Bobbles

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Wrap your little one in elegance with our Lace Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns - a touch of sophistication for snuggly comfort.

Immerse yourself in the artistry of knitting with our exquisite Lace Baby Blanket KNITTING PATTERNS - Budding Flowers & Plaited Bobbles. A harmonious duo of elegance and sophistication, these patterns offer a captivating challenge for intermediate level knitters seeking to elevate their craft. Delve into the intricacies of the 20 Row repeat pattern of Budding Flowers, yielding a delicate yet mesmerizing design that will surely impress even the most discerning eyes. Meanwhile, embrace the playful charm of Plaited Bobbles with its 12 Row repeat pattern that weaves together complexity and fun in equal measure. Picture yourself enveloped in pure creativity as you bring these enchanting blankets to life stitch by stitch. Whether you are yearning to gift a new parent with an heirloom-quality creation or simply craving a rewarding project to showcase your skills, these patterns promise hours of blissful crafting sessions filled with joy and satisfaction. Crafted from King Cole Cherished Baby DK yarn and featuring seamless one-piece construction, these blankets not only exude luxury but also offer practicality — no sewing or picking up stitches required! 

  • Elevate your baby's nursery decor with intricate lace and bobble patterns for a touch of elegance
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of creating handmade heirloom pieces using premium DK yarns in versatile designs
  • Delight in the simplicity of following clear, detailed instructions to knit beautiful blankets that are both stylish and cozy
  • Unleash your creativity with modern lace knitting techniques that result in stunning textured finishes for timeless keepsakes

This is an instant Download PDF for a KNITTING PATTERN, not the finished item.




 Such a lovely set of lace blanket patterns

Budding Flowers is a 20 Row repeat pattern, given a finished delicate and effective design. 

Plaited Bobbles is a 12 Row repeat pattern, given you intricate weaving.  Much easier than it looks and a fun blanket to make. 

Intermediate level knitting patterns

The patterns use:





Yo (yarn over) 

MB - make Bobble

The patterns are written over  3 A4 pages.

Blankets are made up in One - Piece.


Blanket and border are knit at the same time, so no sewing or picking up stitches!


** Materials used in Budding Flowers Baby Blanket ** 

King Cole Cherished Baby DK yarn  

   5 x 100g balls of White #1410 (approx 1061 yards) (972m)  

4mm Knitting Needles (UK8)


** Materials used in Plaited Bobbles Baby Blanket ** 

King Cole Cherished Baby DK yarn  

   5 x 100g balls of Peach #3196 (approx 1087 yards) (984m)  

4mm Knitting Needles (UK8)


All my patterns are TRIED AND TESTED by several independent testers before being released.

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