FREE Pastel Shells Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern


I love going to the beach and collecting shells with my two little people. They find the shells so pretty and they are blown away by their beauty. This Pastel Shells Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern was inspired by our many trips to the beach finding shells! 
This blanket pattern is a lovely, easy 2-row repeat pattern making this a perfect summer crochet project for beginner crocheters and experienced ones alike. The pattern creates the shell shape using only chain, single and double crochet stitches and it looks absolutely stunning in pastel rainbow colours. This colourful baby blanket pattern makes up for one of my favourite designs yet! So you and make your favourite summer drink, grab your favourite crochet yarn and hook and crochet the perfect summer blanket for your little one!
Free Crochet Pattern forr Pastel Shells Baby Blanket


Materials - Click on the item to purchase

King Cole Big Value Baby DK yarn

- 2 x 50g Balls of Petal #4062 (Pink)
- 2 x 50g Balls of Sky #4063 (Blue)
- 2 x 50g Balls of Primrose #4064 (Yellow)
- 2 x 50g Balls of Peach #4066 (Peach)
- 2 x 50g Balls of Mint #4067 (Green)

4mm Crochet Hook (US G/6)
5mm Crochet Hook (US H/8)

Please note: above materials are affiliate linked to a very respected UK yarn store, who delivery worldwide.


Stitch Directory - Click on the stitch for a video

Ch(s) - Chain
Sc - Single Crochet
Dc - Double Crochet
Ch1-sp - The space created under the ch1 stitch on the previous row.
Shell - Do 7 Dc in the same Stitch
St(s) - Stitch(es)
* - Indicates when a repeat begins
** - Indicates when a repeat ends
Nxt - Next


Stitch Conversion (If needed)
US to UK/Australia terms

(US) Single Crochet (Sc) same as (UK) Double Crochet (Dc)
(US) Double Crochet (Dc) same as (UK) Treble Crochet (Tr)


Pattern Notes

* Tension Gauge - 16 Dc x 8 Rows = 4 x 4 inches (10 x 10 cms) in Dc.
* Finished blanket size - 30 x 30 inches (76cm x 76cm)
* Pattern is written using US terminology.
* Pattern is suitable for a beginner.
* To change the width of your blanket, increase or decrease your chain row in multiples of 5.
* If you change the amount of colours, I would advise you use a odd number of shades.


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Yarn Colour Order
Change colour on each row
DO NOT CUT the yarn. Drop it at the end of the row and pick it back up 5 rows later. (See photo E below)
Petal (Pink)
Sky (Blue)
Mint (Green)
Primrose (Yellow)


Pastel Shells Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

With 5mm Crochet Hook and Petal (Pink) yarn

Change to 4mm Crochet Hook for remainder of the pattern.

Continue with Petal (Pink) yarn.
Row 1 - Sc in 2nd ch from hook, skip 2 chs, *Shell in nxt ch, Ch1, skip nxt 4 chs - repeat from * to ** to the last 4 chs, Shell in the nxt ch, skip 2 chs, Sc in last ch. (See Photo A below)

Change yarn colour.(See Photos B, C & D)
Row 2 - Ch3, do 2Dc (in same st as ch3), Ch1, *Shell in nxt ch1-sp, Ch1 ** - repeat from * to ** to the last ch1-sp, Shell in ch1-sp, Ch1, do 3Dc into last sc, turn.

Change yarn colour.
Row 3 - Ch1, Sc in 1st Dc *Shell in nxt ch1-sp, Ch1 ** - repeat from * to ** to last ch1-sp, Shell in Ch1-sp, Sc into the top ch of the ch3, turn.

Change yarn colour.
Rows 2 & 3 are the pattern - repeat the pattern 31 more times, alternating the colours each row as ordered above, plus 1 extra row of Pink to balance top and bottom colour.

Then continue to the border using Mint (Green) yarn.

Turn, to work across the top of the blanket.
Ch1, Sc in 1st dc *Shell in nxt ch1-sp, Sc in 4th dc of the shell ** - repeat from * to ** to last ch1-sp, Shell in Ch1-sp, Sc into the top ch of the ch3, turn.

Rotate your blanket clockwise to work down the side edge (See Photos F & G)
- when working the side border, your loose yarn strands from colour changes will all be secured.
* Skip ch3 sts, do Shell in sc, skip ch3 sts, Sc in nxt sc ** - repeat to the bottom corner.

Rotate your blanket clockwise to work bottom edge. (See Photo H)
Sc in the same ch as 1st shell, * skip 1 ch, Shell in next ch, skip 2 ch, sc in nxt ch ** - repeat to the end of the row, Sc in last ch.

Rotate your blanket clockwise to work up last side
*Skip ch3 sts, do Shell in sc, skip ch3 sts, Sc in nxt sc ** - repeat to top corner.

Fasten off and secure all ends.

More free patterns

Photo for Pastel Shells

Photo A - Row 1

Row 1 of Pastel Shells

Photo B - Row 2 - Colour Change

Row 2 - Colour Change

Photo C - Row 2 start - Ch3, 2Dc, ch1

Row 2 - Ch3, 2Dc, ch1

Photo D -Row 2 - 1st Shell into Ch1-sp

Pastel Shells Baby Blanket - Row 2 - 1st Shell into Ch1sp

Photo E - Coloured yarn strands taking up the side of the blanket.

Pastel Shells - Coloured yarn strands taking up the side of the blanket.

Photo F - Working the side of the blanket.

Pastel Shells F - Working up the side border

Photo G - Working the side of the blanket.

Pastel Shells G - Working up the side of blanket

Photo H - Bottom Border

Pastel Shells H - Bottom Border

Corner Photo

Pastel Shells - Corner of Blanket













I hope you enjoyed making up the pattern and you love your finished blanket.


All crochet patterns published from Peach.Unicorn Designs are protected by UK copyright law. Reproduction or distribution of this pattern is strictly prohibited unless specially authorised. This includes any form of reproduction on the Internet, posting, scanning, photocopying or emailing. Derivative works created using this pattern are also strictly prohibited by copyright law.

You may not resell, redistribute or translate the pattern into another language for reselling. Permission is granted to print patterns for personal use only and also for finished goods to be sold, but with the condition that the pattern is credited back to Peach.Unicorn Designs.


  • How many chains to start? I love this blanket!,

    Jenny Mena
  • Beautiful blanket.Thank you.

    Cris Carver
  • This blanket is so lovely. Love the colors and the pattern. Your work is exceptional.

    Earlene A Strachn
  • Message from UK, loving this pattern 5 colours, but not sure of end of row 2 in pink and again end of row 3 in green, now on 3rd row and so will see how it goes. I am an OAP from UK, so a free pattern is excellenI just have to concentrate when changing sts, as terminology is different. Thank you Vivienne Harding .

    Catharine Prewer

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